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His fingers squeezed her fullness and slid into the crack between her ass cheeks.

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Most sisters would be shocked, probably even appalled to find out their younger sibling had submitted to three brothers, beothers not Sistet. His hormones back under control, he smiled at his sister and continued to run his hand over her nude body. This is it, I want you to kiss the head of my cock and then put it in your mouth. What story were you reading? She reached Sister cum on brothers tongue and grabbed one, squeezing the handful eagerly.

They were both on their side facing each other as he asked her.

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All it would take to get them back together was a moment of great courage, and oh, naked on her back and drenched in cum, Claire was feeling brave. By the time she got down there, most of the jizz on Claire had either been wiped onto Lana's body or worked into her skin, but Lana knew just where to find the mother lode. Lana had long, straight blonde hair, and Claire had curly, light brunette strands.

Sister cum on brothers tongue

Kitten found sucking his dick not unpleasant at all. They had left literally seconds ago. It was like on television.

Jimmy caught her and held her against his belly while she went through the set of feelings that she would do again and again for him in the future. And Lana had brotheers irresistible dimples, of which Claire did not.

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This story and characters are purely fictional and any resemblance to events or persons living or dead is purely coincidental. They got back in position to kiss, but when Claire took Lana's cum-streaked face in her hands and looked at her longingly just before the kiss, she noticed a strange expression, then knew instantly what it was. She looked so, so Sisteer with his cock sliding in and out of her young mouth, it excited him even more.

For whatever reason Kitten only gagged once and accepted most of her brothers cock into her mouth and throat. Kitten wiped the water out Sister cum on brothers tongue her eyes and looked up at her brother who of course, towered over her. The shower had a showerhead at each end of the oversized stall making it easy for two people to stay tojgue and warm together. Jimmy used the sponge to wash between her legs, and up the ass crack. She began to masturbate him which Sister cum on brothers tongue the only thing she thought to do.

The sisters kissed with vigor, chewing and sucking each other's tongues and lips, not even taking the time to breathe.

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She watched his fingers un-fasten her pants and let them drop. Lana's wet panties were suddenly on the floor, and she was back on the bed, her smooth, naked mound pressing against Claire's neatly trimmed, cum lathered cunt. He sprayed warm water into her cunt to add to her thrill and got the appropriate giggles for his trouble. He was a big guy at six feet and Lbs. Come and sit on my chest facing my cock.

Sister cum on brothers tongue

She stood over Claire and looked down over her body, amazed at what she was seeing. Your thing… I mean c-c-cock is big again. She seemed startled when the stream started. He could feel her squirming above him but he held her to his mouth. She jumped a little.

Her soaking hair hung over her face, shoulders and back in long wet ropes. The truth of it was Jimmy never thought much about his sister, Carol.

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Will you do that? She didn't want to stop touching or moving tngue tasting, but eventually both girls found a stopping point in the form of exhaustion. Claire arched her back a little, offering her body to Lana and feeling the cum moving across most of her body with the shift.

Lana's mind, however, was not. She would count sit-ups etc. She was un-raveling her braids evidently getting ready to brush her own hair. The cum on Claire's thighs and pussy smeared onto Lana as she moved down, coating her pussy, tummy, and her giant breasts with a layer of sticky sperm.

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That was the best ever. He shot glob after glob into her waiting mouth and throat. She sucked Lana's thumb clean, then took two of her fingers, and then just concentrated on the heavily coated palm, licking it off hungrily.

There stood Kitten, mouth slightly open, eyes welded to his dick. She stopped giggling when he began to un-buckle her Farmer Brown shoulder straps. He used the spray hose to wash away the soap and leave Kitten glistening wet and more desirable than ever.

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She tasted the cum immediately, surprised by how warm it still was. Lana had cut her hair and was wearing it in pigtails. When Sieter entered, she felt the gush of cum that was already there and used it to lube her digit up to a rapid finger-fucking motion. For the time being, until ASSTR gets Sistre server up and running properly, please comments here: lasiter08 mail.

She washed his cock with the face cloth and soaped it well so it was slippery for her hands.