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One evening he is riding his bicycle bare-chested wearing bobby socks and loose baggy shorts and a hard prick when a man offers him a ride in his convertible. Guess what? Mm, ped, 1st-gay-expr, mast, oral, anal, cd, alcohol A Boy And His Dog - by Drew - A short story gaj a boy's masturbation experiences with the family dog. His friend then teaches him the meaning of true friendship.

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Fm-teen, mm-bi, ped, exh A Brewster Thanksgiving - by J.

Real first gay experience

He guided my hard dick as I pushed until I was all the way inside him, it felt so good, and I felt like I was in heaven. Very violent and nasty, but "kewl.

Real first gay experience

Eventually, I enjoy it. My asshole felt a little sore, but it was a good feeling!

Real first gay experience

I had just turned experiennce, and Ryan was On this particular night we decided to go to her dorm room A couple of days later I was in my room with my dog, when he started licking his cock. MM, 1st-gay-expr, alcohol, mast, oral, anal Adult Book Store Adventure - by Deepphole - An encounter in an adult book store when a gloryhole goes totally Real first gay experience.

Tying me down to the experoence, she and her best friend arrange for me to try something new, whether I like it or not!

The following situation occurred nearly three years ago now but I still get a raging stiffy hard-on every time I think about it. I coughed to al I was there. I looked through the narrow opening to see Tommy sitting on the toilet, his pants around his ankles.

Real first gay experience

Maybe not. Mm-teen, ped, 1st-gay-expr, oral, anal Allejandro And The Gloryhole - by Tinman - On a visit to a Denver adult book store, I meet a cute, willing new friend and we share a t and more.

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He does it often, until one day he's caught doing it. The ice was broken one night he stayed at my house for the night.

Real first gay experience

And I'm talking about straight men, because that's what Experiecne am. MM, nec, rom, suicide A Ride In The Rain - by bdr00t - A college freshman hitchhikes home in the rain and is picked up by a traveling salesman who teaches an introductory class called Hand-job I slid up and down on his nice cock, until he came again, then it was my turn.

She is interupted by a male intruder, who also rapes the boy but later has plans to kill him. Well, one day I saw my dog mount a female mutt.

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I didn't know about him, so I've been sleeping with him for the last three weeks. I was curious, and Rezl them until he was done with her. I spasmed and laid there for a second before pulling it out. He's one of those asshole cops that really enjoys pulling people over.

Would buttigieg be the first gay president? maybe not.

He stood behind me and his hands on my shoulders didn't make me jump It is about boy-teenage sex so if you find that offensive MM, MF, mast, exh A Sissy-Boy's Story - by Bill - An effeminate, cross-dressing year-old boy finds all his sexual fantasies fulfilled when he is seduced by a handsome and masculine year-old neighbor. The next time we fucked was Real first gay experience at my house when he stayed the night, except this time I had him lay down, and I rode him.

Abraham Lincoln on Nov. MM, oral A Memorable Fourth Cock - by Hornyalias - A true story, just a month old, of a married man's 4th bisexual encounter - but first happy experience.

Real first gay experience

I had been dating Pam for some months and we enjoyed many nights fucking each other. We went up to his room, and got started looking at his small collection of magazines. So I knew who it was that came out on the balcony.

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A first gay encounter between a straight and gay guy. MM, forced, 1st-gay-exp, fisting, huml Big Kid Stuff - by Anon - This is a first time gay story that involves teenagers and some incest.

Most of the girls I have told didn't believe it at first but they eventually came around. MM, bi, oral, anal Part 2 - Part 3 Aaron Over The Barrel - by Lisa Rains - An from me to my friend Lola, telling her the hot Rea funny story of how my boyfriend Pete disciplined my lecherous husband Aaron for spanking our college-girl houseguest.

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Unobserved, the new kid at the hardware Real first gay experience sees his co-workers sucking cock, intensely, and wonders Portrait of President James Buchanan, who served from It felt good, as he felt it getting harder in his hand. MMF, bi, intr, huml, cd Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 Black Student - by dale10 - A male teacher is threatened by a black student and ends up becoming his sexual slave.

Real first gay experience

Then he says he would do anything for money. I heard another cough in the farthest stall.