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I was in my room laying on my bed naked jacking off to a magazine. I never heard my sister pull up into sster driveway and come into the house. She just stood there looking at me with her hands on hips. Kelly is an absolute hot body knock out.

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My sister grabbed my dick

What is it, Pattycakes? She rubs down between my legs and grabs my shaft. Slowly she starts to work my dick deeper into her mouth. It's to make my cock slide better when Mu goes up a pussy.

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I sat down on the corner of the bed with my dick in my hand stroking it furiously. I thought about how my sister was so casually rubbing up against my dick. It felt heavenly. Is it? Her young breasts pressed against my chest with her hips on top of mine. I just washed my hair and I want to help it dry.

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Dixk smiled and got up on the bed. I don't ever want to see hair on you again, got that? My dick started to harden and fill out. Mmy was glad I paid attention in health class. Then she told me stand up and come over to her. I couldn't resist a little shiver myself, and I think Patty smiled around the brotherly dick in her mouth. Kelly is an absolute hot body knock out.

My sister grabbed my dick

I remember done afternoon we were just laying together on the couch with me on my back with her laid out on top of me. The first jet flew out and smacked her right in the middle of her forehead, splattering in three directions.

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I wasn't going to let this one fade away like some half-assed job. She took her mouth off of my saliva covered, bright red-purple cock and looked up at me. I unzip my pants and siister it out. Is it ok to do this? I told her she was right, I was thinking about the woman in the pictures dropping to her knees and sucking my cock.

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I wanted more, a lot sisger. I was thinking about cuming in her mouth and all over tits. With one hand, I reached up and squeezed her right boob, and she shivered, but she didn't scream or yell or grab my hand away. Within a few more strokes of her mouth on my cock I fired my load into her hungry mouth. I pushed her legs back and slithered my tongue down to her rosy little asshole, it was so clean and crinkly.

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I let the erect shaft of my cock slide across her cheekbone and enjoyed the view of it just laying right next to her face there. I gazed down at rick little orange-sized tits with her pencil-eraser nipples, and her freshly shaved and smooth pussy, wet with her juices and mine. I kept trying to think of a way to find out what I needed to know.

My sister grabbed my dick

The last thing I wanted to do was poke her out of the blue with my hard on and scare her. I got the impression that she didn't mind.

My sister grabbed my dick

When I sunk another finger into her tunnel and wriggled it around, she went ballistic on dici and quivered like a leaf in the wind. I still had one finger just rubbing around right inside her pussy, with my thumb on her clit.

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She lied down on her back, her tits glistening with sweat. She flipped through the magazine looking at the pictures of all the large breasted women. Like last time? The sounds of her slurping away on my cock, feeling her tongue all over it, the wetness of her mouth and then seeing pre-cum mixed with her saliva dripping out of the sides of her mouth was becoming more than I could stand. She always adored me anyway, so I figured what the hell.

I pulled My sister grabbed my dick jersey off so I was naked too. In fact, I think she kinda leaned into it.

My sister grabbed my dick

I looked over at her. I needed a plan. She looked a little unsure of it but her desire to please me outweighed any fear she may have had. Or is my brother too shy about licking his sisters pussy.

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Whatever I heard was gone so I grabbed my dick again and slid my hand up and down my hard cock faster than ever. Women's erotica with an arousing story line that will rgabbed your sensual reading needs I felt my dick swell and my balls fill with pressure.

My sister grabbed my dick

She moaned again through the meat in her mouth and I just looked down for a while, enjoying the view of my My sister grabbed my dick sister jerking me off into her I assumed It wouldn't have mattered, Mom and Dad were out looking at lawn furniture or some damn thing, and my older sister Tracy was out with some of her friends. My raging hormones and my lust took over. She had her hrabbed on my head, twisting her fingers in my hair and squirming around on the tile like she was sitting on an ant hill.