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This little island called Manhattan is the summer resort supreme. Never a mosquito, rarely a fly is seen. Millions live high, where it's cool and rather quiet, except for the soothing and varied whistles of the boats and an occasional fire or police siren. You don't have to be sociable with heterogeneous strangers or even your party-wall neighbors, whom you seldom know on sight.

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Another 52nd Street phenomenon is an influx of Chinese restaurants in the past few years. Yet in the midst of this murk and muck, grew a flower.

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I said: Do you know what their droppings are like? The wining and dining industry was taken over by a new breed and operated in side street cellars and stables and old residences.

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Weakened as the great Belasco was, the soul of the great lover still burned within him. He said: Culinary French has no such agreements.

One reason why the cops close their eyes while pounding that beat is that the cars, with liveried chauffeurs, are owned by the rich and prominent townsfolk. Young farm-hand hired with bull-dozer and instructed to make mounds in rear part of garden. He later took her with him into George White's Scandals, in which he starred. The customers cheered.

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These were not supposed to be speaks. Appears to be more addictive than GHB.

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Today, in Hollywood, she's known as Barbara Stanwyck. When in the larger of the small-hours he elected to turn in, and had picked his way up the stairs through scholastic offerings, he was taken aback to find a naked third-year scholar asleep in his bed. She turned away and told him she never went out with men.

Grace at dinner greeted by catcalls, jeers and spoon rapping. Irish, who loved her with a love that passeth understanding, called the singer to his hotel room.

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Its proprietors, former speakeasy operators, came to be considered arbiters of high fashion. Bed maker on N staircase, hearing of issue of rubber gloves, seeks same for making bed of undergrad given to generous nocturnal pollutions. Having been critics, we know the way the fellows [Pg 40] react Entdr feel. Before the year was out, they took the house away from him.

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At this writing, the late Mayor LaGuardia's ver [Pg 37] boten on the old institution of burlesque still stands, but the average peasant will not be looking for it here, because his own home town probably tolerates at least one burly-Q house. But she always laughed and always had enough to help others and to act as a sort of mother to all the neighbors.

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There was a red mark in every single word. What about more dishes like macaroni-cheese? Instead he wore an even more lurid yellow one knitted by his aunt specially.

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They think it an orchestrated demonstration against their having collaborated with enemy in 2nd War. She didn't handle the stuff herself, but she had worked up a trade in hotels and offices, so small buyers 'phoned her when they wanted something sent up quickly, day or night, and she gunggeon turn relayed the orders to the various petty peddlers of gin and what was supposed to be whiskey.

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Only two notes left working on aged piano. Suggest different type of washing-machine. When the gawkers get off the Stem—but long before the break of day—it is taken over by its third set of citizens.

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Next morning, everyone was cross. Nowhere else do the Lord and the Devil work so nearly side by side. More about them in later chapters.

If you want to sail, there are two magnificent rivers, the broad and sporting Sound and the most breath-stopping harbor on earth. There crime and vice and con games Enger watering whiskey and hypoing horses are hatched.

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Gungon, having lost most of the places that attract revelers, is no longer a late street. Miss Hawley, teen-age chorine, was ordered to bathe in a tub of champagne.

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There are five in a half block off Broadway, and more than a dozen others within a block radius. But Al Jolson, then the king of show business, fell—and hard.