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Anyways, I just kinda wanted to show you guys around the store in case it has been a while since you've been in or even just a little bit since you've been because there's new items every day and I've. Two of my mascots with me today, I'll turn around so you can see one of them. And he's in his can you say hi buddy. His distracted by something this is my dog. I have two dogs.

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So that's perfect, it's got a little bit of light gray underneath the distressing and some of that wood so she tied that in by painting the inside in Queenstown gray, which I love so that's a newer piece that we got in.

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I will put one aside for you. The Land Before Time that would be spike that was his name that was Sarah whatever that dinosaur was. Go home or they just wanna go for a ride. It is gorgeous. You still we love that you support and quirky, but we love that you just support local businesses so check them out as well cuz I'm not seeing any so I don't know if I'm imagining it or if they just sold it could be you know one of the other.

I'm gonna grab this one for you.

Cute guy at Hadley store tonight

So this is - wide 11 Deep 34 high. Look How cute you look. So it's really pretty.

It'll this October will be two years that we've had him and poor little Hurley. I took pictures today. He's like look what I found Hadleu he was so proud of his purchase He painted them. Yes, I do Rachel I'll show em to you as it comes with this. We're happy to show you one of my Curly's been quiet so as soon as I said, your name buddy there, you ghy.

Here's a long one up here.

Cute guy at Hadley store tonight

I know people often like yeah at least 15, the measure like they know more of the measurements of this part right here, so they're like to fit under it. It's a new color, - five for this drop Hurley These are all new another little fun thing, my dad built there.

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I don't know if something tall like this could work, but it's got gut shelves on the top part of it. I was gonna say like 20 years, but it hasn't been quite that long enough. Oh, I will say hi to dinosaur dinosaur is a cute little boy I might take my doggies to go see see him because they love dinosaur and he loves them.

It's work is beautiful, so you'll see her stuff soon. There's still more let's see if we can go find them. Todd Kern my dad.

Cute guy at Hadley store tonight

That a lot of things have been doing have had that. It's inside okay, so these are on sale.

Cute guy at hadley store tonight

I'm just kidding if you want them, you can have them. Oh we got this.

So this is brand new. It's Java, which is a really tknight Brown with a really deep stain and a little bit of I think it's like a Red mahogany so it lighten it up a little bit.

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There's me. Oh, Hadly so beautiful. This isI believe yeah I know that seems so far away, but I promise you I'll be here before you know it and it'll be so fun and so exciting. Did you guys see that this piece sold?

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And then I know there's more. What do you mean by accent cabinets?

Kaye has to hunt for all of them. Let's see what else. So let me know your thoughts on that one as well.

Cute guy at Hadley store tonight

Mwah say bye to Hadley and buy to Hurley and we will see you guys later. So, yeah, if you want that Kelsey let me know and I'll put it aside for you. I say they're like the little side tables, but they're like perfect little plant stands.

You can still add more!

And this is priced at. Gorgeous her macrame and then painting combination it almost looks like Succulents a little bit is fun.

Cute guy at Hadley store tonight

Thank you. From my country.

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This is technically a buffet, but it's smaller so it could definitely be used as like just a Cabinet. He'll probably follow me around and then there's Hadley, which you all have met before Hadley. Britney I'm talking to you.

Susan Susan Rachel I know I know there's another one that's like wider.